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                Covering a total area of 8,000 square meters,Zhou shan Liang Gong machinery manufacturing Co.,ltd.is a specialized manufacturer for ship spares of most Japan and European engines. With advanced and complete machinery and experienced engineer,we mainly produce cyl.head ,cyl.liner,piston crown&skirt.valve &valve seats,valve cages,connecting rod and piston pin etc.Meanwhile,we also cover the sales of all other spares ,like piston ring ,bearing&metals,plunger&barrel,nozzles,T/c spares,refrigerator spares, in addition ,we also engaged in the sales of 2nd spares and Gen.set.
                Delivery of all spares can be smoothly operated since zhou shan city where our company located is the junction point of Yangtse river,Qian tang jiang and Yong jiang where the three rivers flow into the sea .Zhou shan is also the door of shanghai ,we can deliver the spares by almost all means to final destination.
                Our company is developing more and more quickly due to excellent employee and advanced facilities. Kinds of products are sold to korea, Taiwan,Southeast asia and all over china which highly satisfy custmors.